Standard Walker

Adjustable and lightweight, a Standard Walker is an excellent choice for individuals needing frontal stability, to obtain ease of movement.


Folding Walker

Easily stored and transportable, this walker offers the convenience of a standard walker while at home or on the go.


Hemi Walker

A device offering great unilateral support and suitable for higher functioning individuals.


Roller Walker

With increased continuity of movement, this walker is a great choice for patients with upper body limitations.



Medicare Requirements

A walker is covered if both of the following criteria are met:

  • When prescribed by a physician for a patient with a medical condition impairing ambulation and there is a potential for ambulation; and

  • When there is a need for greater stability and security than provided by a cane or crutches.

  • A rollator walker is covered for patients who are unable to use a standard walker due to obesity. severe neurological disorders, or restricted use of one hand.

    • Canes and crutches are covered when prescribed by a physician for a patient with a condition causing impaired ambulation and when there is a potential for ambulation.



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